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New University of Purdue study.  Show bed bugs could potentially carry disease.
Penn Study Shows Bed Bugs Can Transmit Parasite that Causes Chagas Disease!  "see the study"

Heat Treatment Elimination!
Entire heat treatment system.

Bed bugs are spreading throughout the United States very rapidly.  They have reached Utah and the surrounding states within the last few years.  They are excellent hitch hikers and if they are introduced into an environment they rapidly infest and spread to other locations within the structure, and will require extermination.  All one needs to do is spend a night in an infested location and they will likely take Bed bugs with them to their next destination.  At which time you will need to call a professional pest control service.  *Most infestations, can not be controlled without professional extermination. 

Heat vs Chemical?

  • Chemical treatments are time consuming. 
  • Chemical treatments require multiple treatments. 
  • Some areas are unable to be treated with chemicals such as: Books, TV's, Shoes, etc..
  • Bed bugs are becoming increasingly more resistant to pesticides and conventional pest control treatments. 

Heat treatments:
  • Research studies have shown 122° F. kills all life stages of Bed bugs.  
  • Requires only one treatment for elimination.
  • Ability to heat most items, including: Books, TV's, Shoes, etc..
  • Unable to become resistant to heat.

When you think your ready for a heat treatment, we have provided a check list to help get your home prepared. 

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