Utah Bed Bugs 

Utah's Leader in Bed Bug Elimination!

Bed bugs are an incredibly difficult pest to control!  They are very good at hiding in very tiny cracks and crevices. 

A person's home can offer bed bugs an incredible amount of hiding locations, such as beds, dressers, books, electronics, and toys.  

Many modern bed bug populations are also highly resistant to the insecticides labeled for their control.  

Because bed bugs in a home can be difficult to access and have proven their ability to develop resistance to a wide range of pesticides, Signature Pest Control uses state of the art heat treatments for control of bed bugs.

Heat vs Chemical

Heat treatments
Chemical treatments

Heat Treatments:

  • Research studies and experience have shown 122 degrees kills all life stages of bed bugs including eggs
  • Requires only one treatment for elimination
  • Ability to treat most items including books, electronics, and toys
  • Unable to become resistant to heat
Chemical Treatments:
  • Treatments can be time consuming in preparation
  • Requires multiple treatments to combat eggs hatching
  • Unable to treat sensitive items including books, electronics, and toys
  • Increasing resistance to most pesticides and conventional treatments

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